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Seaplane Flying Basics


Alaska Justice-$15.00

Alaska Trooper Jack Blake pilots Bush planes, mushes dogteams and scales glaciers to find his man. The horrible weather, grizzlies, politics and plane crashes make his seek for real justice tough enough. Then Blake learns that a powerful man is making it his job to kill him with the unlimited resources of wealth and power. Based on cases from the files of the Alaska Troopers.

Alaska Justice.jpg


Alaska & Beyond – $15.00

Amazon review: This book has something for everyone–a lot of adventure, some romance, a bit of humor that sometimes pops out unexpectedly, and moments that warm the heart. Alaska trooper and bush pilot Jack Blake and his brave and beautiful wife Jet will feel like good friends. You will find yourself rooting for them as they risk their very lives tracking down two dangerous killers they have been assigned to stop. The book takes some unexpected turns that will grab hold of you and keep you turning pages to find out what happens next. M.D. Kincaid’s own background as an Alaskan trooper and bush pilot gives real validity to the exploits of Jack and Jet. I guarantee that you will like this book whatever your own background may be!

Alaska Justice & Alaska and Beyond- $28.00 both


Purchase both Adventure Books and save!

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