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Seaplane piloting and training is a unique, fun dimension of flying experienced by too few pilots. We at Gleim have instituted a new seaplane flying initiative.
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Seaplane piloting and training
Seaplane Flight Training Video
A Seaplane Flight Training Video

A Seaplane Flight Training Video splash page, featuring a 66 second video and over 100 photos of seaplanes in action, to excite interest in seaplane flight training. This splash page will contain links to our Seaplane Flight School Directory and Seaplane Add-On Rating Course (SARC).

Metal Buildings for Sale

Thank you Barn Central and Jody for installing this awesome steel structure that serves well for our academy seaplanes. We bought our carport online from here.


New Gleim On-line Seaplane Add-On Rating Course
On-line Seaplane Add-On Rating

A new Gleim on-line Seaplane Add-On Rating Course that will provide an introductory,generic ground school to prep students before they show up for your course.